Eat Local Challenge

Step 1: “Eat local” in the Peterborough area

  1.  Find out what fruits and vegetable are in season each month by following the “Good Things Grow in Ontario” Seasonality Guide. Meats and dairy products  are always in season.
  2.  Visit a local farmers’ market– ask vendors where the food was grown, and use the Seasonality Guide, linked below.
  3.  Look for local restaurants that buy from farms and feature local food on their menu
  4.  Look for signage at grocery stores that tells you where food was grown
  5.  Watch for road signs to find farms that sell right from the farm gate
  6.  Participate in Local Food Month events during September

Step 2: Tell us about it!

Share your local food experiences and photos using the social media links below.


Visit the Purple Onion Festival on September 25, where you can add your voice to the Eat Local Challenge wall. Let everyone know what you did in September (or do all year round!) to support local farmers by “eating local”!

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